FBA equipment & suppliers starter checklist

No frills FBA equipment & supplies checklist

This list of recommended equipment and supplies will help you meet all of the Amazon FBA guidelines and provide the best possible experience to your customers. We only endorse products we have used ourselves and tested heavily, so enjoy the peace of mind that these products will perform well for your business.

For beginners

1. TaoTronics USB Barcode Scanner

To quickly find the correct listing to attach your offer to when you're listing your products.

This base scanner gives you great performance for the price. You can easily spend ALOT more on a scanner, but why would you? You don't need anything fancy for listing your products. We like this one because its reliable and affordable.

2. DYMO LabelWriter 450 Thermal Label Printer

To print your FBA barcode labels. We use the printer with the #30336 labels (link below) and they work really well. You'll want one of these printers for every listing station.


3. Multi-purpose labels

These are the #30336 labels. There's a couple of other sizes that are compliant with Amazon's policy but these are small enough to not be annoying and big enough to cover up the factory barcode. The most important thing is to follow Amazon, policy but you want a happy customer too. So no need to use some giant labels. These work great!

4. Scotty Peelers

For removing retail stickers from your products. Plastic ones work great in most instances. Break out the metal ones for the fussy stickers. Still having trouble removing them? Try soaking the sticker in a little bit of Goo Gone or heat it up with a hair dryer 1st.

5. Goo gone

Use this very sparingly and make sure you remove any residue with a damp washcloth or some general cleaning solution. You don't want your customer smelling goo-gone on their product!

6. 14x14 boxes (specifically for books)

We load up on 14x14 boxes because they work really well for packing in about 30-40 books without a much void. But we use these boxes for other products as well so they're pretty versatile for many types of FBA products. In most markets, the cheapest option for 14x14 boxes is to pick them up at your local Walmart

8. American Weigh Scales SE-50

Per Amazon policy, your box must be less than 50 pounds.  You also need to put the weight of the box in your FBA shipment to complete your shipment process. Thus, you'll need a scale! This one weighs in great on the cost vs. performance ratio! (pun intended)

9. Kraft paper

You'll want to fill all voids in your box to minimize shifting during transit and keep your products in the best possible condition. We tried magazine paper for this 1st, but kraft paper works WAY better and requires much less material b/c its thicker and fills up more space.

10. Packing tape

After a few months of hearing this tape all day long, I ended up splurging and going for the quiet tape from Uline. I remembered when I first saw the price of the quiet tape, I was like "Aw hell no!". Then after many months of hearing that tape sound, I was willing to pay anything for quiet tape! Only you know if the quiet tape is worth the additional investment. If you can block out the sound, then save your cash!

11. Tape gun

There's fancier one's out there (see Uline) but this is all suits all our needs and probably will for you too.  In case you're wondering, we don't normally use the tap gun upside down the way it's pictured. Very interesting photographic choice, though! 

12. Poly bags

Some products require poly-bagging. We use this particular size for valuable books and any other product that it will fit. Be sure to carefully read the FBA prep requirements for poly bagging and suffocation warning labels and ensure the font size of on the warning labels meets the requirements depending on the size of the poly bag. The

13. Suffocation warning labels

24 point font is the largest you size you need if your poly bag's length + width is 60 inches or greater. But to be safe, we just use these labels whenever they're needed (i.e. when the poly bag itself doesn't have a warning on it)

For serious sellers

14. Brother HL-L2380DW Wireless Monochrome Laser Printer

When you're printing off a ton of box labels, you'll want a laser printer for speed and economy. This one has performed very well for us. We use it with both Mac and PC and its easy to connect new devices to it. Another nice benefit of this is that you can connect it to Amazon Dash and have the toner automatically re-order when it gets low.

15. Brother Printer TN660 High Yield Toner

This toner goes a long way. We're doing about 10-15 shipments per day and we replace it every couple months.

16. Mophie Juice Pack

Boosts your battery by 100%. With retail arbitrage, your phone is your money maker. No battery means no profit.

We've tried every brand on the market, and this is by far the best brand of battery-pack-phone-case. And they've gotten to be much more affordable over the last couple years.

iPhone 7
iPhone 6
Galaxy S8
Galaxy S7 Edge

17. Zus charger

These next two (the Zus and the Mophie) should really be on the essentials list. You can live without them while you're a "hobby" product scouter, but if you're at all serious then you will find out really quickly how fast you can run out of battery and how silly it is to end your product scouting because of a dead battery.

You've probably used car chargers before and you're like "I have one already". Yeah, unless its a Zus, throw that garbage one you have already where it belongs - in the garbage. This product has 2 USB inputs so you can charge both your phone and your Mophie at the same time. And unlike other car chargers, this baby actually charges your phone quickly while you're using GPS! Go figure.

18. Impulse sealer

This comes into play when you have to use a shrink wrap roll to shrink wrap your products (i.e. if you don't have a poly bag that fits). Depending on the products you sell, you may or may not need this. Just check the poly bag sizes 1st because that route is obviously easier.