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Are you a beginner to retail arbitrage looking for a step-by-step guide on how the pros source their inventory? Or maybe you've already gotten your feet wet and you're hungry for scale.  In this FREE e-book, you’ll discover the sourcing secrets, tricks, and lessons we learned the hard way, including:

  • Pointers on how to pick your 1st product category and get off and running
  • The keys to a successful inventory investment strategy
  • How to estimate a realistic selling price for your item
  • Landmines and valuable info embedded in Keepa charts like this one:

When I started selling on Amazon, I had TONs of questions.  I went back and looked at all the questions I had and addressed many of them in this guide. Some of the valuable answers you’ll find in this information-packed guide include:

  • What's a "good" ROI to target?
  • How do I know if an item actually sells? How much does it sell?
  • Where do I go to find inventory? How do I find sources without spending tons of hours tracking them down?
  • When I’m sourcing, should I always scan everything?
  • How do I factor in the cost of my time?

Here's a small tidbit of some of the juicy info you'll find in this guide:

"Based on Sellzee estimates, you can expect an item with the following "worst ranks" to sell 5x per month



Note the thresholds above are a good general rule of thumb, but will vary a little bit (about 10-25%) when demand is at its peak (late November - early December) and its low (March).

For books, we aim for a selling frequency of at least 1 per month.  This will usually translate to a sales rank of just under 1 million. Remember, currently rank is just a snapshot so you’ll find plenty of books ranked worse than 1 million that are still worth buying if you look at the rank history and determine the typical selling frequency."

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(1)Sellzee uses proprietary data science technology to estimate sales.  Sellzee provides no warranty as to the accuracy of this information.  Please use at your own risk.