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Finding profitable products to sell on Amazon has never been easier. Use Sellzee to propel your Amazon retail arbitrage business to new heights by leveraging smart, easy-to-use technology and the power of teamwork.

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Smarter scanning

Set buying triggers that think like you 

Stay focused and don’t second guess yourself. Buying triggers let you go on scouting auto-pilot. Sellzee gives you complete control of your buying triggers to match your exact pricing methodology and many other key metrics, including sales estimates.


Simplified data

See the big picture

It’s easy to get lost in a sea of data. Sellzee’s easy-to-read charts and prominent advice give you the information you need at a quick glance. See if your item's sales rank is in the top 1%, 3%, or 5% of its category. No more carrying around print-offs of category counts and memorizing good rank!


Scale with teams

Outsource your sourcing

With Sellzee’s team feature you can grow your business to levels previously unimaginable by inviting shoppers to source on your behalf. Set a commission for your shoppers to earn on each buy.


Estimate sales

Powerful ROI insight

Sales data is essential to understanding your true return on investment. Know how many units per month an item is selling before investing. This info is especially important if you're going deep on an item or doing research for wholesale or private label.

Sellzee is the only mobile app that gives you sales estimates. And we have coverage in the top 14 Amazon BSR categories. 


Stealth scouting

“Hey, whatcha doin with that scanner thing?” 

Sound familiar? Stop strapping your phone to your wrist with bulky doo-hickeys and velcro. Sellzee works with Apple Watch, so you have the option to fly under the radar with advice through a covert tap on your wrist.


Sellzee sellers have spoken

This is a very helpful app! Lightning fast; it grabs the UPS and returns results in a flash. The settings are very flexible and you can even add/edit parameters. I especially enjoy the beautifully designed, intuitive UI — red means “no”, green is “go”, which speeds up the sourcing process.
— Michael
Its very easy to use and understand. The app is fast at lookup up products and the decision logic on buy or reject is easy to set. The use of the “gauges” at the top of the screen makes it easy to get a quick assessment of the product and is customizable with many options. Big fan of the app and the subscription is cheaper than the competitors!
— Hoshnasi
I’ll make this short. I never write reviews. I had an issue connecting the app to my account. I emailed support and 20 minutes later they talked me through the troubleshooting and resolved the issue. Very very gracious! Great slick product that’s an upgrade on what I was using before.
— Logen

More reasons to love Sellzee


Restricted items

Avoid costly buying mistakes and know what conditions you’re authorized to sell with restricted item alerts.


Rank percentile

  Top rank % is standardized to the category size so you always know “good” vs. “bad”.


Featured offers

Sellzee indciates which offer is Amazon’s and which offers have the new and used buy box.


FREE bluetooth scanning

Other apps charge to connect a Bluetooth device. You already paid for your scanner, so use it for free with Sellzee.


We listen

Sellzee is a subscription based service dedicated to continuous improvement.  We rapidly build and release new features based on your input.


Free to try

Sellzee is 100% FREE to try!  Enjoy 20 free scans per week. Counts reset every Friday.


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