Authorizing Sellzee for MWS

In order to access live data in the Sellzee app, Amazon requires you to have a Professional Seller account and to authorize Sellzee as a developer within the Manage Your Apps section of your Seller account.

If you don't have a Seller account yet, you can setup a Professional Seller Account here. If you already have an Individual Seller account, you can upgrade in Seller Central at Settings > Account Info > Selling Plan > Modify Plan > Upgrade.

Without a Professional Seller Account, you'll pay an additional $0.99 per item fee on each item you sell. So once you’re selling more than 40 units per month it’s cheaper to pay the $39.99 per month to have a Professional Selling Account.


Login to your Amazon Seller account as the primary user and go to the Manage Your Apps page.


Click the Authorize new developer button. On the screen that opens, enter the following information:

  • Developer's Name: Sellzee
  • Developer's Account Number: 2705-3280-7787


This will take you to a disclosure page. Read the text on the page and check the box next to "I understand", then click the Next button.


On the next screen, copy and paste your SellerID and MWS Auth Token into the corresponding fields on the Settings > Amazon MWS Settings screen in the Sellzee app.

Make sure there are no blank spaces at the beginning or end of your SellerID and MWS Auth Token.

You're all set!

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